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Fridge Freezer Thermometers

Fridge Thermometer | Digital Fridge Freezer Thermometers calibrated With Certificate

Recommended Storage Temperatures

You should always try to ensure that you keep your appliances at the proper temperatures. Your refrigerator temperature should ideally be kept at or below +4°C / +40°F*. The freezer temperature should be kept at -18°C / 0°F*. We would recommend that you check your appliance temperatures periodically. Fridge/Freezer thermometers are the best way of knowing if any temperatures showing on your appliances are accurate.

  • Recommended Storage Range for your Refrigerator  +0.5°C to +4.5°C / +33°F to +40°F
  • Recommended Storage Range for your Freezer -23°C to -18°C / -10°F to 0°F

Fridge Freezer Thermometer Calibration Service

Should you require an existing fridge freezer thermometer calibrated and a new calibration certificate issued we will pleased to be of help. We can now offer a full Three Point Calibration Certificate at the bargain price of only £20.00.


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